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How a pulse oximeter works A pulse oximeter is a small device that clips onto someone’s finger and passes a beam of red light through the fingertip. Oxygen level, or oxygen saturation of the blood, is measured by how much light is absorbed as it passes through the fingertip. A pulse oximeter measures the percentage of oxygen saturation. This percentage is found under the “SpO2” setting on an oximeter.

What is the normal level of SpO2 during anaesthesia?
Answer :  95 - 99%

How to measure oxygen saturation Follow manufacturer instructions for cleaning and disinfecting pulse oximeters. Be sure to disinfect the unit with an antiviral wipe before and after each use. Turn the unit on with the power button. If it does not turn on, check the batteries. Place the unit on a finger and wait for numbers to display. In addition to SpO2,the unit may display heart rate and the waveform of the pulse. This can be helpful, because better measurements are taken when pulse waves are more distinct. Some factors that can make it hard for the unit take good readings are:  Darker skin color  Dark colored nail polish  Cold fingers or poor circulation  Tremor or movement  Too much pressure on the probe  Low blood pressure


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