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What Is Form IMM 5710?

Form IMM 5710, Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay, or Remain in Canada as a Worker, is a document that can be used by individuals who want to apply for a work permit with the same employer, restore their status as a worker, apply for a work permit for the first time (or with a new employer), or get a new temporary resident permit.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada  (CIC), if you want to extend your currently valid work permit, or apply to work permit renewal Canada, you should apply for the work permit extension forms a minimum of 90 days before your current work permit expires. Please note that in Canada, you can renew your work permit for a maximum of 4 total years.

Who can apply with the IMM5710 form?

In general, the IMM5710e form is for individuals who are temporary residents of Canada and are currently holding a valid work permit, and for those who want to apply for Canadian work permit extension. In addition, they should have not worked in Canada for four full years yet.

The following category of people may be qualified for a work permit as temporary residents if:

  • They are holding work visas
  • They are holding student visas
  • Individuals are graduates of a Canadian Educational Institution
  • They are refugees or;
  • Live-in caregivers,
  • Or the spouses or dependents of a permit holder
  • And also, if they are entitled to NAFTA agreement
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